Chilliwack Community Field of Champions

Chilliwack Community Field of Champions

Dear Chilliwack Community Members, Eastern Valley Residents, Sports Enthusiasts, Former Athletes, Parents, Guardians, and Alumni,

We are excited to formally announce the launch of the Chilliwack Community Field of Champions funding campaign. We embark upon this journey in proud partnership with The Chilliwack School District and the Tzeachten First Nation. This state-of-the-art sports facility will include an artificial turf field (soccer, field hockey, football, field lacrosse), field lighting, and a fieldhouse located at 45955 Thomas Rd. The final phase will add a bleacher system complete with concession, change rooms, and washroom facilities.

What better way to invest in our youth?

Like so many others, the Chilliwack community has been through a great deal. COVID-19 impacted society in ways we still do not fully understand. Add the devastating floods of 2021, and we have persevered through many unexpected challenges. Youth sports programs and activities are more important now than ever before. This initiative provides an opportunity to generate some excitement around giving back to the kids after the last few years of struggles.

Our vision is to unite our youth, our athletics programs, and the activities that foster engagement within our community. In creating a natural place to gather, we intend to initiate growth and rebuilding that takes Chilliwack to new levels of excellence. By providing a sporting hub and entertainment option for the surrounding, rapidly growing residential neighborhoods, this project will benefit our community far beyond youth athletics. We have a unique opportunity to build something we can all be proud of!

We have an ambitious goal to raise $1,000,000 dollars in 2022 alone through various fundraising campaigns and community initiatives. We are asking for donations, large or small, and can assure you every dollar will contribute to a legacy in Chilliwack that will be enjoyed by generations to come.Donate

Want to be part of this legacy? If you would like to donate, please go to the link below under the Donations tab. .
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On behalf of Tzeachten First Nation Membership, Council and Administration we are excited to partner with School District 33 on this amazing opportunity for youth sports and community connection. Working in collaboration with School District 33 on the Chilliwack Community Field of Champions is a relationship that Tzeachten First Nation are honoured to be a part of. This relationship is another step towards reconciliation, and we are looking forward to the positive impacts this journey will have for our community. ~Chief Derek Epp

Chilliwack Community Field of Champions

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