External Awards

The recipients of these awards are decided upon by donors, those groups or individuals who give the award.

Due: February 22, 2020,  by the end of lunch.  No late applications accepted.
Bring to Student Services


  • External Standard Awards "School Mails - complete the standard application package.
  • External Specific Awards"School Mails - complete the organization's specific application form and staple together.  The school submits the "specific package to the donor group for you. Please note that application may not have a 2018 version but are still considered current.  Not all organizations update their application annually.  
  • External Specific Awards"Student Mails" - Complete the organization's specific application and the student mails in as deadlines are different than the school's deadlines.  Student is 100% responsible for the application and getting it to the donor group.


STEP 1: Review all All Externals List (see PDF below) and take note of all Awards for which you qualify.

STEP 2: Determine whether or not the awards you are applying for requires a Standard Application Form (see Word document below) or has its own Specific Application Form.

STEP 3: Prepare your Application Packages and make appropriate photocopies

STEP 4: For all External Standard Applications attach the following documents in this order:

  • Standard Application Form (which includes: Career Statement (future goals and career objectives) and Activities Resume)
  • If applying for an External Standard award that asks for an essay, place essay right after the Standard form
  • Awards/ Scholarship Resume (optional)
  • Budget:  Please complete the budget sheet.  The link for that sheet is found at the bottom of page 1 of the Application or below under downloadable files
  • A copy of your School Transcript of Grades and current report card
  •  Letters of Reference (no more than 3). (Keep the originals and submit photocopies).
  • Additional supplemental documentation (optional)

STEP 5: Organize each External Award Application Packages (Standard and Specific).

STEP 6: On top of your pile of Alphabetically sorted packages attach an External Checklist (see PDF below).  Only 1 checklist is required and will be handed to Mrs. Jones.

Note: for "Student Mail In" applications- Mail directly to donor to meet the deadline date given.