The School Based Team, which includes Learning Assistance Teachers, Teachers, Counselors and Administrators, meets once a week to discuss strategies for success for students who may be having learning challenges in their core subjects. Referrals to SBT can be made by any member of the student’s team. SBT may schedule a Case Conference, which is a meeting that includes the student, parent(s), Counselor, Administrator and the student’s teachers. The purpose of the Case Conference is to communicate information about a student’s performance and collaborate on a plan of action for success. For more information contact the school Counselor.



Indigenous Ancestry is determined on a voluntary basis through self-identification. This includes First Nations (Status or Non-Status), Metis or Inuit ancestry. Once Indigenous Ancestry is declared, students can access a number of additional supports. There are many services that are provided for our students that go above and beyond regular supports including, but not limited to, advocating for your child(ren), academic support (between the hours of 8:00am-3:30pm), push in support in the classroom, supporting teachers who are teaching your child(ren), Home-School/band communication and monitoring academic progress and attendance. We can also provide guidance on Graduation/Scholarship/Bursary/Post- Secondary, offer financial assistance when costs are too burdensome (when applicable), provide information for upcoming cultural and other special events and fieldtrips, provide opportunities in the community and help forge connections for employment.  We are located upstairs, beside the elevator, in room B233.

For more information, please contact the Indigenous Enhancement Teacher or Indigenous Education Worker

* Secondary students who declare Indigenous Ancestry need only fill out the form one time for the duration of schooling at GW. 



The purpose of this program is to assist students, whose first language is not English, with oral and written English so that they can more fully participate in the regular school program. The ELL program helps students to function more successfully in the community of the school.  



The Learning Support Team works collaboratively with the SBT, district personnel, and teachers in delivering a range of support to students with diverse learning needs. Students may be scheduled into a class for academic support (Learning Strategies 10,11 and 12 as a 4 credit course), or may be receiving supports within the classroom according to the student’s IEP without an LS class. The Learning Support Teacher is considered the Case Manager for the student, which means, s/he is your first “go to” when contacting the school regarding learning needs. At GW Graham, learning supports include:

  • collaborative consultation with classroom teachers
  • individual student support with academic material and study skills
  • guidance and support for tests and exams, including provision for adjudication of exams
  • support for adapted and modified programs
  • creating and monitoring IEP’s for students

Students and/or parents, who wish to access learning support services, may do so through a referral process, which begins either through the Case Manager (if the student already has one) or by the student’s Counselor.  for more information contact  or






There are two education paths within the GWG Resource Program: the Dogwood Diploma and the Evergreen Certificate:

The Dogwood path is for students who intend to graduate with a Dogwood Diploma, and are taking academics and electives at grade level. If needed, students in this path may receive help in the classroom from an EA, and/or a support block in room B102 where the ratio of Resource staff-to-students is smaller, allowing for more one-on-one support. In B102: electronics, extra texts, desk space etc. are available to facilitate with the students learning.

The Evergreen path is in room B103 and applies to students who will leave school with a Certificate, Students may be eligible for an extra year to facilitate the transition from school to community programs.This program does not result in a graduation diploma as the education program has been modified. This path offers core academics at each student’s individual level. Additionally, emphasis is placed on independent life-skills and employability job skills. Students have the opportunity to join fellow classmates in elective courses such as: Art, Guitar, P.E., Metal, Woodwork etc.

Both paths have the possibility of being placed in Work Experience out in the community, offering a great opportunity for students to dabble in an area that interests them, as well as make community connections and gain valuable employability skills.

The Resource Team provides a safe and inclusive environment to students with identified special needs. Our goal is to make the students’ experience at GW Graham both positive and memorable. We provide support both in the classroom, in the general school environment, and in the Resource classroom. Students are introduced to the curriculum through the learning methods and techniques that give them the best possible chance to succeed. Other services offered by the Resource Team include:

  • Case Managing IEPs - creating and monitoring IEP’s for students
  • Consultation with classroom teachers
  • Individual and group support for academic skills
  • Supporting life skills in order to allow a greater level of independence for students
  • Supporting social skills to allow positive interaction with peers and adults

For more information about these programs contact or



The  GW  Graham Library has  much  to  offer  students.  As  well  as  several encyclopedia sets for middle and secondary students, e-books and many reference books, the students can access Ebschost, World Book encylocpedia and Britannica Online which also includes Compton’s Encyclopedia, and many other databases from any of the 30 computers in the library, from each classroom, and from home!  Students also have many excellent novels to choose from in our ever expanding fiction section. The Library is also a quiet place to come and read, do homework and research and, of course, borrow a good reading book.

The library often hosts guest authors, seasonal “competitions” such as scavenger hunts, and library fundraising activities such a book fairs. Any student in grades 7-10 are invited to join “The Amazing Book Race” team – a sort of Book Club with a side of “Destination Imagination” thrown in! Consider joining if you have an imagination, and love to read and act!

The library is open from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. At the beginning of each year, a call goes out for student volunteers to join the Library Club. Student Librarians help during lunch time to check out novels for students, put away books, and process new books. Time worked in the library can be used towards Work Experience requirements.

All students are strongly encouraged to get a Fraser Valley Regional Library Card so that they may access many databases, homework helpers and e-books from GWG and home.