Concurrent Studies

University of the Fraser Valley provides an opportunity to take academic courses at UFV while completing grade 12 at GW Graham. Here are some of the reasons why:


  • It provides a smooth transition for students moving from high school to university
  • It jump-starts university education while students complete high school
  • Students are considered 2nd year students when they attend full time after leaving high school
  • Students receive high school credits for their university course (dual credit)
  • Students get to explore career options and educational pathways

Along with the application forms at the bottom of this page, UFV requires students to apply for admission online and pay a $45 application fee.  Students will also require their PEN (Personal Education Number) which they can get from their Counselor or Career Advisor.  The link to apply online at UFV is


Students interested in applying for Concurrent Studies start by meeting with their school Counselor regarding eligibility and process.  If requirements are met, students download the Generic Concurrent Studies Package at the bottom of this page and follow the directions.

It is the responsibility of the student, then, to submit the completed package, along with the $45 UFV application fee to the Office of the Registrar at UFV before May 31 of his/her grade 11 year. UFV will not consider late applications.  Once the grade 12 starts, approved students may take an academic course during the FALL UFV semester (September - December provided the grade 12 prerequisite is completed) or the WINTER UFV semester (January- April).  Since the GWG students are fully enrolled in a timetable of studies at GWG, courses taken at UFV concurrently need to be taken after the GWG school day has ended.


University of the Fraser Valley also provides opportunities for students while in their grade 12 year to complete  trades courses/programs.  Students interested in applying for a concurrent year trades program at UFV during their grade 12 year must begin with a conversation with Mrs. Elliott, or Mr. Mitchell, and/or their school Counselor.  Once approved, the student needs to download the RCP Application at the bottom of this page, complete the necessary forms and gather the documents to complete the application.  It is the responsibility of the student, then, to submit the completed application, along with the $45 UFV application fee to the Office of the Registrar at UFV before November 30 of his/her grade 11 year. UFV will not consider late applications.  All graduation requirements (except for GT) must be met, at GWG, before attending UFV in order to be eligible to attend UFV as a concurrent student.  Mr. Mitchell is the coordinator for SD33 RCP.  Please contact Mr. Mitchell for more complete information 


Students interested in Apprenticeship please contact Colin Mitchell, SD33 SSA Coordinator

Apprenticeship is paid, work-based training, usually combined with post-secondary education. The SD#33 Apprenticeship Program is designed for students who are interested in an Apprenticeable Trade. SSA allows you to begin an apprenticeship while still in high school, and earn credits! Students who complete the program and satisfy all the criteria will earn a $1000 scholarship to use toward further training in a trade.

How to Get Started:  check out the School District website for information:


Information & Announcements

School Supply List for the 2020-21 School Year

The items listed below are considered the basic equipment for students coming to G. W. Graham.

It is intended as a guide and students may find that additional supplies may be required based on the courses they are enrolled in.

Teacher will be communicating these lists at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year.

3 ring binder

Red & blue pens

HP pencils


Packages of lined paper (600 sheets total,.as a minimum)

3 packages of dividers (5 dividers in each package)

Summer Learning Registration opens June 8, 2020

With the current COVID-19 situation, the Chilliwack School District is pleased to be offering a modified Summer Learning Session focusing on grades 10 - 12.

REGISTRATION for Summer Learning is online and opens at 7am, Monday June 8, 2020.  

Further information about Summer Learning can be found on our Summer Learning page. 

The following programs are being offered:

Course Repair and Recovery Program