School Counsellors provide students with direct and indirect support in 3 domains: personal, education and career. Student’s personal concerns discussed between Counsellor and student are confidential. Education and Career planning includes selecting courses, program planning, graduation requirements, and exploring post-secondary entrance requirements. Counsellors will provide appropriate referrals to other in-school, in- district support services and/or outside (non-school) agencies. Students are assigned to Counsellors alphabetically by last name. Please email your Counsellor to make an appointment:

                   A-G             Mr. Tom Price  

                   H-N            Mrs. Beth Clarke

                   O-Z              Ms. Hancock   

Contact your school Counsellor for information on District Services that may or may not be site based, and maybe required to support students to be successful at GW Graham. The Counsellor has information about and/or may make referrals to the following services:

Chilliwack Youth Health Center: a drop-in service for your 12-26 years of age at the Sto:lo and NLC 

Hospital Homebound Program: for students who are missing school for a period of 2 weeks or more as prescribed by their doctor. A note from the doctor is required. The HH teacher works with the classroom teachers to facilitate missed instruction and assignments for the period of time the student is unable to attend classes. Absence that is prescribed for more than 4 weeks may require an alternative program instead of HHP

Youth Care Worker: the YCW is site-based and provides support for students with social, emotional, and/or behavioral challenges. The YCW offers various support groups throughout the year, which may target these challenges and help students stay connected to their school or facilitate  connections  to  local  community  services.  The  YCW  works  in  partnership  with teachers, counselors, parents, support staff, and community agencies. See the Activities tab for a list of groups and clubs.

Drug and Alcohol Counselling: a community CYMH counsellor is based at GWG 2 days per week to provide confidential counselling regarding substance use and misuse. 

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