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What is Flex?

Flex is a block of time where students have the opportunity to take their learning into their own hands. Centered around student choice and based on the mindset of “Enrich, Expand, Explore”, students may use this time to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding about a topic of choice.
  • Prepare for upcoming classroom assessments.
  • Connect with a teacher facilitator and/or peers to revisit topics.
  • Make up missing assignments, quizzes, or tests.
  • Prepare post-secondary and scholarship applications.
  • Complete assigned Career Education or Flex assignments.
  • Try something new.

When does Flex occur?

Flex occurs every Thursday from 9:34am to 10:34am.

Student Expectations

  • Flex is a mandatory 2 credit course.
  • Students are expected to be in class, actively participating, not wandering the hallways.
  • Lates and absences will be treated the same as with other classes since attendance is compulsory.
  • Take advantage of the time provided – this is YOUR time to have control over YOUR learning!


Assessment will be based on Student Engagement Self Reflection and completion of online Flex assignments.

Student Engagement Self Reflection (50%)

Time Management:

  • Showing up on time and regularly attending class.
  • Using class time wisely to enrich your learning experience.
  • Engaged and on task during class time.


  • Assess your learning needs and seek additional supports if necessary.
  • Exhibit ownership, accountability, advocacy, and clear communication.


Flex Assignments (50%)

All assignment information, handouts, and due dates will be communicated via each grade specific Teams site and handed in via your myBlueprint Flex portfolio.

Below is a list of the mandatory Flex assignments:

  • Grade 9:
    • Assignment #1 - Welcome to High School
    • Assignment #2 - Plagiarism
    • Assignment #3 - Digital Citizenship and Online Safety
  • Grade 10:
    • Assignment #1 - Practice Literacy Assessment
    • Assignment #2 - Time Management
    • Assignment #3 - The Value of Volunteerism
  • Grade 11:
    • Assignment #1 - Practice Numeracy Assessment
    • Assignment #2 - Safety in the Workplace
    • Assignment #3 - Employability Skills
  • Grade 12:
    • Assignment #1 - Practice Literacy Assessment
    • Assignment #2 - Credit and Debt
    • Assignment #3 - Cost of Living After High School

Please email any Flex questions to: