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The Career Center is a resource to students to research post-secondary options, financial award information and processes, and career exploration.  Students start their guided explorations in Career-Life Education 10. Their post secondary planning continues through Grade 11 and 12, with a demonstration of their final PSI Plan during the Exit Interview of Graduation Transitions.  Websites often utilized to facilitate career exploration include  ,  , and as well as individual college/university  websites.  Students  are encouraged to check with post-secondary institutions on a regular basis regarding entrance requirements, application deadlines, and financial opportunities as changes occur regularly. Email your Career Advisor for an appointment.

                                         Mrs. Hari                 

                                         Mrs. Bawtinheimer



Volunteer or paid Work Experience is required for Graduation and students who need assistance in finding the required 30-hour placement should contact the WEX Advisor, Mrs. Wiseman. However, some students may opt for more WEX hours to help them determine career paths.  So, students may choose to enroll in a 4 credit course that requires 100 hours of job/career related experience(s) and these are completed outside of the students  regular timetable. Students may access career education, training, and placements with community based employers by contacting Mrs. Wiseman. These WEX placements are entirely student-driven, which means that students need to take the initiative to request a placement. Placements are based on student preference including:  type of work; location; and schedule. Please refer to the Course Planning online booklet (under Programs & Courses) for more complete information on WEX and/or mail the WEX Advisor for an appointment:

                                       Mrs. Wiseman      or call her on her cell phone at 604-798-8758.

                                       Ms. MacConnell  



Career Education and Mental Health Literacy Grade 9 (CEMHL9), Career Life Education Grade 10 (CLE10), Career Life Connections Grade 11 (CLC12A) and Career Life Connections Grade 12 (CLC12B) are full year courses (with the exception of CLC12B, which is half a year). At the beginning of each week, students will be asked to view a video lesson and complete the activities contained with it. Activities range from 30 minutes - 60 minutes per week. Students will need access to MyBlueprint and Microsoft Teams to participate in the learning. 

In CEMHL9, the focus is on students' mental health literacy and getting used to the platform of MyBlueprint. In CLE10, we aim to prepare students for the first steps in their professional life. CLC12 happens over the course of Grades 11 (CLC12A) and 12 (CLC12B), as students finalize their career education portfolios and transition plans for post-secondary life.

Mrs. Porro