Financial Awards (Scholarships & Bursaries)


Please Note: The Financial Awards program is open to Chilliwack School District students who are permanent residents or landed immigrants. International students or students attending our schools whose parents are here on a work visa are not eligible for the majority of these awards.  Please note that the Chilliwack Foundation Awards also require the recipient to reside within the boundaries of the Chilliwack School District.

Scholarship Information

Financial Awards Slideshow - Where to start?

Feeling overwhelmed or confused about scholarships and bursaries? Check out this Where to Start guide

***Attention Grads***

Any students who have received External Scholarships, Bursaries, or Awards, which are not listed on the GWG Scholarship website: please fill out and submit the "External Not in Booklet" form  to your Career Advisor. We want to acknowledge your success and these awards will then be announced at the GWG Convocation Evening in June.

Unlock Your Future, The Key to Scholarships

To access the Unlock your Future, The Key to Scholarships website, please click on the link below.



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| PAC Meeting
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